Pro Surfer Rio Waida on his Partnership with INDOxyz and the Future of Coffee and Surf Culture

Kyle J. Russell Contributor
Published 11:48 a.m. ET June 19, 2024

INDOxyz is an innovative coffee brand embodying the spirit of the Indonesian coffee (and surf) culture. INDOxyz was founded by Michael Riady, a fifth-generation Indonesian entrepreneur, who wanted to venerate his country’s two greatest exports — coffee and surfing — in America. INDOxyz’s slogan, “Indo fuels your dreams," captures the brand’s mission. 

The brand recently partnered with Rio Waida, a popular Indonesian Balinese professional surfer. Born and raised in the surf-rich environment of Bali, Indonesia, Waida's career is marked by notable accomplishments, including competing in the prestigious World Surf League (WSL) and Olympic events and earning accolades in various international competitions at a young age. Recently, Waida qualified for the Paris Olympics 2024 in Teahupoo through ISA Surfing Competition. His prowess on the waves and his ability to perform under pressure has not only made him a rising star in the surfing community but also a source of national pride for Indonesia. Despite the country's legendary status as a surfing destination, it had not produced a prominent figure on the WSL circuit until Waida emerged on the scene. 

Waida’s partnership with INDOxyz as a brand ambassador is a testament to his influence in the surfing world and his authentic connection to Indonesian culture.  

In speaking about his journey in the world of professional surfing, Waida addressed his start in the sport and some highlights of his career.  

“My parents introduced me to surfing as a little boy. Both my parents used to body board, and they took us surfing regularly,” Waida said, “Career highlights have to be qualifying for Tokyo Olympics, winning two CS events in 2022, and being the first Indonesian surfer to qualify for the CT.” 

Waida’s home country of Indonesia boasts a rich surfing culture, particularly in Bali. This served to influence and mold Waida’s approach to the sport. 

“Growing up in Bali we are blessed with top-quality breaks which we can surf all year round. The water temperature is perfect. And there are so many good surfers who visit and live in Bali, who the young kids can draw inspiration from. We are very spoiled,” Waida elaborated. “This can also be a bad thing because of always being in our comfort zone, Indonesian surfers don’t do well when the waves are subpar or when the climate is extreme like cold water. We need to learn to overcome this and not be content, but rather use this amazing opportunity to train hard daily.” 

When speaking about his connection to his home country, Waida confessed that Indonesian coffee holds a special place in his heart. 

I’m a coffee addict,” he said. “I love coffee, and coffee is a part of my life as much as surfing is. And just like surfing, in Indonesia, we are also blessed with the best coffee beans in the world.” 

In describing why he became part of INDOxyz, Waida discussed how the Indonesian coffee and surf culture resonated with him. “INDOxyz is everything I love - coffee, surfing, and Indonesia. So, I was really stoked to collaborate with INDOxyz and Michael because I felt like the brand represents my passions and I think I can also represent the brand.” 

I guess in essence I would just like to build awareness globally and nationally about the quality of Indonesian coffee, and the potential of Indonesian surfers,” Waida said of his partnership with INDOxyz. “Although some people have the awareness, I think there is so much more that we can give to the world.” 

Waida also sees his partnership with the INDOxyz team as an opportunity to elevate Indonesian coffee and surfing culture. “I think that it is our duty to raise awareness of how good Indonesian coffee and surfing are,” he says. 

In the future, Waida hopes to leverage his influence to make INDOxyz a bridge between surfers and the rich coffee culture of Indonesia. When asked about this, he said, “I guess all I can do is to work as hard as I can and achieve the best results for Indonesia and for everyone who supports me like INDOxyz.” 

As of this moment, the first step is to focus on our surf beverage business and go more international. Our beverage business launched in Los Angeles in 2023 available at Erewhon, Albertsons, Pavilions, Vons, Resorts World casino in Las Vegas, and coming soon to Bali in 2024,” Waida said of his upcoming projects with INDOxyz. “We have many interested like-minded partners across major global cities to become our distributor and franchise. Outside of beverages, INDOxyz is launching the world’s first global surf hospitality company in Bali first in 2024. We have enough on our plate.” 

Above all, Waida hopes to inspire a new generation of young surfers and individuals seeking to connect with their passions and cultural roots.  

“Keep working hard, maintain focus, be resilient, and never give up!” This is a message that continues to fuel his own growth, and he uses it to inspire others to grow and learn.  

Rio Waida's story and surfing success is a testament to the power of passion, heritage, and hard work in achieving personal and collective goals. Furthermore, Waida’s collaboration with INDOxyz goes beyond his love for coffee. It is also a part of the brand’s mission to elevate Indonesian coffee and surf culture on a global scale.  

Available in premium stores across Southern California, INDOxyz's flagship cold brew coffee is celebrated for its smooth taste, no acidity, no bitter, dark chocolate bold taste note, single origin from Sumatra island of Indonesia, USDA organic certification, and its appeal to both traditional coffee lovers and new consumers alike.  

To stay up to date with Rio Waida’s next moves, check out his Instagram. For more information on INDOxyz, visit the brand’s website and Instagram.