Snoop Dogg coffee

Beyond the music, rapper Snoop Dogg is the epitome of a serial entrepreneur. The California-born entertainer has made a laundry list of ancillary business moves over the years, and his most recent endeavor lands him in the coffee industry. Snoop announced that he is teaming up with Indonesian coffee maker, Michael Riady, for the launch of INDOxyz coffee.

The premium coffee brand will not only be fuel for those needing their caffeine fix, but it will also serve to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.

"My relationship with coffee goes way back. The many long nights in the studio making hit after hit, coffee provided the fuel which kept us going," Snoop said. "Today marks the launch of a new company I created along with my partner Michael, who introduced me to the best tasting Indonesian coffee. Indo is going to change the industry, I can promise you that."

Sourcing the beans directly from Riady's native land of Indonesia, Indo will come in a canned cold brew option as well as whole beans grown by collective farmers on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi. The green coffee beans are intentionally selected then shipped to Los Angeles, California where they are prepared in house by a master roaster.

“I am excited to partner with Snoop Dogg and introduce the world to INDOxyz, the best tasting coffee on the market," Riady shared. "I want to make coffee fun and cool, and having Snoop as a partner gives us that edge. Beyond being a fan of his music, I’ve long admired Snoop for his hard work and business acumen. It’s been an incredible journey working with him and building this company, and I think that together we can make an impact in the industry with a brand that resonates with the next generation.”

In hopes of further inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs to follow through on their dreams, Snoop will also launch a new platform called the Owners Series. The digital series will feature in-depth interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and video content highlighting his entrepreneurial journey as well as the journey of other business owners like Christina Millian, Coco Vinny and more.