Indonesia - the world’s most diversified coffee nation - is synonymous with coffee since the Dutch colonial period of the late 1600s. The Dutch brought coffee plants to Indonesia to cultivate for export back to Europe during the spice trade period. Java became the first Indo island to grow coffee and slowly spread to the islands of Sumatra to the west and Toraja to the east. Today, Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest coffee producer by output and world’s most diversified variety of coffee.

Sumatra Gayo

Coffees from the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra are valued for their rich flavor of dark chocolate with elated herbal notes, creating a tantalizing coffee. The Gayo region is renown for producing a high quality Arabica, grown in the lovely mountain basin surrounding Lake Tawar and the town of Takengon. The typical processing method used is called “Wet Hulling” or "Giling Basah" in Indonesian. This unique and distinctive preparation is what generates that famous body and intensity. Sumatra Gayo coffee is grown at a height of 1,000 to 1,400 meters above sea level, and rated as one of the best Indonesia's Coffee growing regions.

East x West

Snoop’s Indo Coffee™ is on a mission to power tomorrow’s culture drivers with the world’s best coffee.

During a visit to Indonesia, Snoop Dogg was introduced to local coffee via five generation Indo native, Michael Riady. All it took was one sip and Snoop was hooked. With over 1.5 million individual farmers across 17,000 islands, Indonesia is synonymous with coffee since the Dutch colonial period of the late 1600s. Indonesia produces coffee with a flavor range and profile bold and refined enough to excite all coffee drinkers alike. Experience the Indo Way™ and Sip it while it’s Hot™.

Michael Riady & Snoop Dogg, Co-Founders